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    The „App-MU-Net“ is a summary of all relevant Internet pages and services you need in the course of studies at the Montan University in Leoben hence the name „MU-Net“. This eliminates the hassle and the looking to make it smart on the Internet ! For everyone , who plays with the idea to start studying at the Montan University in Leoben - I can only just set the App to your heart.

    No matter: if e.g.:

    • to renew a book
    • to write an e-mail "for employee of the Montan
    University and students"
    • use „MU-Online“
    • to get info from the ÖH Leoben
    • to look for scripts
    • or use „Campus’s Map’s“ to find a building
    • to look for the „Mensa Menu – Plan“ - „ prices included“
    • or you want just look for info on the
    University Web-page .

    Also are the following functions included:

    • „Mu-Net Lamp“ - its a lamp for the nighthawks and
    searcher in the University ! "only on the iPhone not on the iPad"

    • „Mu-Net CheckNote’s“ - its a checklist function where
    you can write a checklist for the University .
    This checklist would be synchronized with „iCloud“ on
    each device where the „App-MU-Net“ is installed.

    • „Mu-Net Institute's“ - is a function where you can get all Info to
    the Institutes from the Montan University.

    for e.g:

    You can Contact them directly and where you can find them.

    • „Mu-Net Chat“ - is a Wifi and Bluetooth Near-field Chat !
    With it you can Chat and make appointments for learning for ex.
    or you can get contact to every one who uses the App MU-Net
    without having the phone number or the email. You only have to
    be on the same Wifi Network or you can use Bluetooth to get in

    • Print function with „Airprint“

    • „Url Share function“ that you can share informations

    for e.g.:

    with e-mail , iMassage , Facebook or Twitter

    It contains all what a student
    or an employee of the Montan University
    needs on the road and all this without
    having to make any big settings.

    For the „AppSupport“ :

    1.) „Bug and Error-Report“ - please not in the review ,
    because I will get there no info about it.
    2.) Please use the „developer-webpage“ below „Support“ or
    use the „Support function“ for that . Because only there
    is my e-mail deposited so that I can fix it !