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    ‘Music Lesson NotePad’ is an application designed to help music performance students in their individual practice.
    The core idea of the application is to provide students with tools for recording lesson’s most significant tasks in a series of multimedia notes - audio, video, graphic, and textual. The notes are displayed directly on the music page right at the relevant selections, as seen in the screenshots.
    That way of presenting the tasks turns the page of music into visual plan for practicing session.
    Furthermore, the Audio, Video, and Text notes can be listened/watched/read instantly, with a single tap on the corresponding note marker.
    Such an immediate access to the notes' content allows students, while working on particular task, to retrieve the relevant instructions right at the moment when the guidance is needed. That, in its turn, makes individual practicing both more effective and engaging.
    Creating a note was designed to be simple and minimally disruptive to the lesson. It takes mere seconds - 2-3 intuitively clear taps - to start recording an audio or a video note, or drawing a graphic, or dictating a text.
    The notes taken during the lesson are saved in the order that allows accessing them later using either of the two criteria: by a lesson, i.e. time-based, or by a specific music selection, i.e. by a subject.
    The accumulated contents can be exported to the desktop/laptop computer via iTunes.
    ‘Music Lesson NotePad’ is a feature-rich application. To help explore its features in evident and engaging way, the application comes with precompiled ready-to-use sample project that allows:
    •To playback pre-recorded Audio and Video Notes as well as to record and save the new ones.
    •To assess clarity of Text Notes as well as conciseness of Cue Notes and to create custom ones.
    •To draw graphic notes in multiple customizable colors and strokes.
    •To edit/delete/export the contents to desktop/laptop computer.
    •To create text and audio entries in the LogBook.

    The Introductory free version of the application comes fully functional – every single feature is enabled. This allows creation of unlimited number of projects, lessons, and notes that can be edited, saved, exported, or deleted without any time constraints.
    The only limitations of a free version are:
    1.The free version allows working on one piece of music - a project - at a time. Should the need for another project arises, the current project can always be replaced with a new one.
    2.A single project cannot exceed 3 music pages. Regarding this limitation it is worth noting that standard teaching and concert repertoire includes numerous compositions that do not exceed this limit; e.g. etudes, concert miniatures, songs, arias, etc. Working on such pieces in the free version should be perfectly adequate.
    While the Introductory version provides ample opportunities for effective usage, students, who work on extensive repertoire and are interested in retaining the notes from multiple concurrent projects would benefit significantly from using application’s ‘Pro’ version that lifts both limitations of the free version.
    The option of upgrading to ‘Pro’ version is built-in into the application, and the transition is instant and seamless; i.e. it can be done at any stage of working on your current project, and all previously saved contents would be integrated automatically.
    The comprehensive feature description and support for ‘Music Lesson Noter’, including video demonstrations, can be found online at

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