My First ABC for Kids

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    My First ABC - Fun & Educational Alphabet Learning Tool

    Start your kid’s first alphabet practice with “My First ABC for Kids” and “Playme ABC”

    “My First ABC” helps kids write alphabets in capital and lowercase letters and memorize them. The app is targeted for preschoolers who are learning alphabet for the first time to early elementary school students. Kids can practice writing through interactive sounds and pictures, and use their own finger to trace letters on screen.

    Kids can choose from 3 settings: Capital, Lowercase, or Word. (Capital is the default setting.) A list of letters will appear once the setting is selected. By touching a letter, its correct stroke order and pronunciation are demonstrated, and the practice will start. For each letter, kids will practice to write it six times to memorize it. Every time a letter is written with correct stroke order, kids are praised for their achievement. When a letter is written incorrectly, the “re-do” function will let kids practice as many times as they need. The eraser function is also available. Memorized letters are displayed with colorful icons for kids to see their achievements and increase their learning motivation. The interactive penguin on top is also a fun way for them to track their progress. In this app, alphabet doesn’t need to be practiced in any specific orders. Let your kids start with their favorite letters!