Nervar is an educational app about the ancient Imperial Fora of Rome.
    Learn about the Imperial Fora history using new technologies.

    Features of Nervar include:
    - Augmented 3D reconstruction of the Imperial Fora.
    - See the 3D reconstruction using augmented reality.

    By touching one of the Imperial Fora you can access more information about it, such as:
    - Photo Gallery
    - Audio Guide
    - 3D Model
    - Historical Information

    Nervar allows you to localize yourself with respect to the Roman Imperial Fora. The Area of the Imperial Fora is highlighted on the Map.
    By tapping on "Navigate to Target" you can easily find the Target for using Augmented Reality features of the app.
    The target is an information board placed near the ruins of the forum of Trajan.

    In case you are not able to reach the Target Location, you can still access information (Photo Gallery, Audio Guide, Detailed 3D Model, Historical Information) by tapping on each pin corresponding to an Imperial Fora, placed on the map.

    If you want to play with augmented reality and you are not in Roma.
    Download and print the target card here
    Then, using Nervar, point the camera on the target card to view a 3d augmented reconstruction of the Roman Imperial Fora projected on it.

    Note: You need an active internet connection to use the app.