Numbers 123

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    Numbers 123 is a fun, convenient way to introduce and reinforce the basic concepts with your preschooler. For all the times you and your child have a minute or two, this iPhone application is the perfect opportunity to practice counting skills. It will entertain both of you while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, traveling by bus or train, etc. The possibilities are endless!


    Number Flash Cards

    Number Cards help to encourage recognition and identification of numbers in a variety of ways. Objects appear on the screen and dissolve into a card labeled with the name of the object. As each card appears its the quantity and name of the object is pronounced.

    Number Buttons

    Number Buttons is an interactive game where the child touches a button that is labeled with one of sixteen different objects. When the object button is touched a group of objects associated with the button appears on the screen.

    Music Time

    Music Time is an entertaining musical instrument where dogs and cats 'sing' notes or the child can use a simplified piano keyboard. As the child taps the screen the cartoon characters play notes at a different pitch.