Oz Phonics 3 - Consonant Blends, CVCC Words, Digraphs, Spelling

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    Oz Phonics 3 has 12 sections that revise and reinforce the lessons in Oz Phonics1 and 2, and introduces more blends and digraphs (two letters producing one sound). As with Oz Phonics 1 and 2, it is advisable to work through each of the 12 sections, repeating where necessary. Move on when the student has a good idea – not necessarily a perfect grasp – of each section.
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    1.Word Finder
    Based on the traditional find-a-word game, phonics find-a-word "sounds out" the word when the student correctly locates it. The word is selected by sliding a finger across or down the matching letters. Many students will find this activity difficult until they learn a methodical search method (look for first letter, looking for surrounding second letters etc.).

    2.Spelling CVC (Pen and Paper)
    10 spelling tests comprised of 12 CVC words each. The students can tap on each of the 12 tiles to hear the words. The student should then write the word on a piece of paper. This is an exercise in both spelling and handwriting. Students should be encouraged to approach this task in step by step: listen to the word, break it up into sounds, then write a letter for each of those sounds. Despite Oz Phonics being an iPad based system it is important that handwriting is practiced as part of the learn to read process.

    3.Spelling CCVC (Pen and Paper)
    As with exercise 2 but now with CCVC words. Note that these CCVC words are all 4-sound words - there are no digraphs (sh, ch, th etc. ).

    4. End Blends

    Oz Phonics 2 introduced some beginning consonant blends, now we introduce 14 end consonant blends. All the blends here can be derived from the individual sounds introduced in Oz Phonics 1. ESL students often have difficulty with consonant blends and so we practise(practice) them specifically to make sure individual sounds can be both heard and pronounced together.

    5. Missing 3rd letter CVCC
    An exercise in identifying the 3rd sound in a CVCC word. Note there are no digraphs in this exercise, all words have 4 sounds - noting that the 'x' sound,/ks/ (actually two sounds) is treated as one unit.

    6.Missing 4th letter CVCC
    As with previous exercise but now with the end sound missing.

    7. Find a word CVCC
    As with exercise 1 but now with CVCC words.

    8.3rd phoneme deletion
    Delete 3rd sound from 4 sound CVCC. Example. "What word do you get if you take away the /n/ sound from the word "bend". Answer 'bed'.

    9. Spelling CVCC - Pen and Paper.
    As with exercises 2 and 3 but now CVCC words.

    10. when s makes the /z/ sound.
    Here we provide examples of where the letter 's' can be used to make the /z/ sound.

    11.Digraphs (two letters making one sound)
    Here we provide examples of two letter combinations used to represent a single sound. 'ch', 'ck', 'ph', 'sh', 'th', 'th'(voiced) and 'wh' are covered. Note that the 'ch' letter combination can also make /sh/ sound but we don't cover it here. The '-' in front of 'ck' indicated that this digraph can not be used at the start of a word.

    12.Digraphs Exercise
    An exercise in choosing a digraph to complete a word. The student can tap on the options to here the sounds they can make.

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