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    PECS Phase III App

    Based on research from the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), the PECS™ protocol details a specific discrimination teaching strategy in Phase III. The PECS Phase III app is an invaluable tool that allows you to implement the teaching of Phase III of PECS™ and offers a novel approach to providing new opportunities for learners to practice discrimination techniques and strategies.
    The app, designed to look just like a PECS™ communication book permits a teacher to practice picture discrimination with one or several learners within a single session. Touching the correct icon results in immediate visual and auditory feedback from the device in a manner far quicker than a teacher could react. If the learner touches an incorrect icon, there is no significant feedback. A correct picture selection results in access to a desire item or activity!

    For teaching simple discrimination, the learner selects from an array involving the target picture versus a distracter picture. Both options allow you to move the pictures around on the page, between trials and to vary the number of pictures per trial from 2 to 12. A Correspondence Check™ can be tested by arranging two or more equally valued items and corresponding pictures with strategies from the Phase IIIB PECS™ protocol.

    *App is not intended to replace your PECS communication book and/or to serve as a standalone communication system.

    Features include;
    -Over 100 Pics for PECS™ images
    -Male and female voice with on/off option
    -Customizable Library with your own pictures
    -Visual guide to the 4-Step Error Correction Procedure and Correspondence Checks

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