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    Physics X is the most effective study tool for AP and intro college physics. It integrates free response questions, concise videos, quizzes, formula sheets, scratch pad and references to make the study process efficient, easy and mobile.

    If you’re a busy student, finding enough time to study for each physics exam is a challenge. We have used the latest developments in educational psychology to build an app that maximizes productivity and helps you learn and do physics as quickly as possible.


    -Over 500 multiple choice questions with detailed solutions.
    These conceptual based questions help you to learn physics in a deep and intuitive way. They can all be answered without a calculator, pen or paper; making the study process as mobile as possible.

    -Over 100 free response questions covering the most important topics from intro physics.

    -Over 100 beautiful 720p videos which solve all the free response questions.
    These concise videos were designed specifically for the mobile device and solve the problems clearly and systematically in order to develop your problem solving intuition. They are in a power-point-like format with narration.

    -Extensive formula sheets accompany each chapter for quick access to all formulas from intro physics: including every formula on the AP formula sheet

    -Fun and easy-to-use scratch pad allows you to do calculations on the fly, without the need for pencil and paper.

    -Reference materials include: a list of fundamental constants, unit conversions, trigonometric identities, differentiation and integration rules and more.


    - Students taking AP physics in high school
    - Students taking intro physics in college
    - Students preparing for the SAT physics subject test
    - Students studying for the MCAT who need to review physics
    - Anybody interested in learning physics


    Measurement and Units
    Linear Motion
    Projectile Motion
    Newton’s Laws – Force
    Energy and Work
    Rotational Motion
    Torque and Angular Momentum
    Static Equilibrium and Elasticity
    Vibrations and Waves
    Temperature and Thermal Equilibrium
    Electric Charge, Forces and Fields
    Electric Potential and Capacitance
    Currents and Resistance
    Electromagnetic Induction
    Electromagnetic Waves
    Reflection and Refraction
    Interference and Diffraction
    Optical Instruments
    Special Relativity
    Quantum Theory and The Atom
    Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity


    Knowvio apps are developed for students by PhD students at the University of Chicago.


    "This is the perfect "boost" for students who will be taking algebra-based introductory physics courses in college. With this app, they have an on-demand tutor who can coach them anytime, anywhere, whether it is at the bus stop or just before a test. The topics are thoughtfully chosen to illustrate the key concepts clearly, the graphics are elegant and concise, and Heinrich (the video narrator) does a fabulous job of explaining things! I will be heartily recommending this for all my physics students this coming semester!"
    -John M. Beggs
    Associate Professor of Physics
    Indiana University

    “Can't do without it!!
    The last time I took physics was over 10 years ago in high school. Now I'm taking a university level physics 1 course. For me the toughest part is the math as I'm sure a lot of people share. This app gives you brief problems with simple numbers so that you learn to focus on the concepts and not just the numbers. Basically this app is helping me pass physics!!
Sincerely pre dental”
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