Science - Microcosm 3D Free : Bacteria, viruses, atoms, molecules and particles




    You can see with your own eyes 3D models of the microcosm objects which are normally impossible to see without a microscope: Bacteria, viruses, atoms, molecules, particles and others!

    ★ Over 20 3D models
    ★ Objects with the sizes from 10^-1 to 10^-21
    ★ Detailed description of the each object
    ★ Language: English, German, Russian

    “Science - Microcosm 3D” represents a virtual scale with the sizes from 10^-1 to 10^-21 and with animated 3D models of different micro objects along it that belong to physics, chemistry, natural sciences and biology.
    The size of the objects varies from the smallest particles and atoms to protons, neutrons and quarks.
    Each object has a detailed description that is available via "More" button.

    The science becomes interesting! The application is informative both for children, and for adults.

    The free version comes with 9 3D models of microcosm objects. Buying a full version you get all 20 models with descriptions, including:
    • Robert Hooke's microscope
    • Ladybird and small meteorite
    • Flea and sugar crystals
    • Butterfly wing
    • Snowflakes
    • Pollen
    • Soya sauce
    • Snowflakes
    • Cell
    • Human chromosome
    • Bacteria
    • Influenza virus
    • Tobacco mosaic virus
    • The AIDS virus
    • Macromolecules
    • DNA
    • Fullerene molecule
    • Water molecule
    • Atom
    • Uranium nukleus
    • Light nuklei
    • Proton
    • Neutron
    • Quarks
    • Leptons
    • Fundamental bosons
    • Strings