TEA Mobile




    TEA In-Class Application Features
    TEA Mobile app works as an interactive part of TEA (Terra Education Application) solution on students’ side in a classroom. The teacher can share any type of file or any portion of the screen with students’ iPads by using floating menu of TEA application over Wi-Fi network. Vice versa, students can send their notebook pages to classroom’s interactive board to share after the approval of teacher.
    Main functions;
    - Teachers can share any file or portion of the screen with students’ iPads without need of
    any pre-work.
    - Teachers can send any test quiz from the screen to iPads in the classroom.
    - They can instantly evaluate given answers.
    - Students can create their notebooks and share their pages by sending to interactive
    board of the classroom over Wi-Fi network.
    - Students can review their lessons without internet connection after school.
    - They can receive digital homeworks and reply back by using iPad.