The PPL-App




    Over 2 500 questions for student pilots looking to acquire the European PPL or LAPL. The app contains over 2 000 explanations and hundreds of attachments. The app won’t just test you – it will teach you the important details of being a safe and qualified pilot in the European skies.

    Since 2013, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued standardized theoretical goals for PPL and LAPL licenses. For the first time, it’s possible to issue a single app for the whole EU region.

    The PPL-App contains questions for each and every part of these published goals, ensuring wide and deep coverage of the necessary knowledge across all EU-states. The question database is published in the English language, but can be used by PPL and LAPL students from any EU state to prepare for their national exams.

    The question database is updated on a regular basis, based on user feedback, new regulation implementations and when our itchy flight instructor fingers just can’t keep from developing more content!