VerbForms Italiano

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    VerbForms Italiano is the easiest way to learn more than 4000 italian verbs and their conjugation.

    VerbForms Italiano provides a unique set of tools and information:

    • Instant translations in English, Spanish, French and German for all verbs without internet connection.
    • You can hear the pronunciation of all verb forms by touching them on the screen.
    • Description of the conjugation rules for each tense.
    • Provides frequency information for each verb, making it easy to decide which verbs to learn first.
    • Irregular verb forms and orthographic features are marked with colors for easy recognition.
    • Create lists with all the verbs you want to learn in an easy and comfortable way.
    • Automatic error tracking by error lists helps you to keep learning progress under control. Once you successfully practiced a verb it will be removed from the error list.
    • Enjoy learning the conjugation with the configurable multiple choice, flashcard and written exercises.

    …and much, much more. VerbForms Italiano, the easiest way to learn Italian!

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