Video Training for Flash CS3

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    This is video training for Flash CS3, not the software.

    This training video is designed for you to learn the essential functions of Flash CS3 animation.


    Flash Basics
    1.1 Creating a Document
    1.2 Managing the Workspace
    1.3 Using Help

    Getting Started
    2.1 Reviewing the Toolbar
    2.2 Drawing with Pen, Pencil and Line Tools
    2.3 Creating Shapes
    2.4 Painting and Erasing
    2.5 Using the Selection Tools
    2.6 Managing Color
    2.7 Importing Files

    Managing a Timeline
    3.1 Using Scenes
    3.2 Managing Frames and Keyframes
    3.3 Managing Layers
    3.4 Copying and Pasting

    Managing Symbols
    4.1 Creating a Symbol
    4.2 Managing Movie Clips
    4.3 Managing Buttons
    4.4 Managing Graphics
    4.5 Transforming Symbols

    Adding Animation
    5.1 Using Motion Tweening
    5.2 Tweening a Shape
    5.3 Using Easing
    5.4 Adding Text
    5.5 Creating Text Effects
    5.6 Overview of ActionScript

    Adding Sound and Video
    6.1 Adding Sound
    6.2 Reviewing Sound Compression and Sync
    6.3 Reviewing Embedded and External Video
    6.4 Using the Flash Encoder
    6.5 Managing FLVs

    Working with Modes
    7.1 Managing Filters
    7.2 Managing Blends

    Testing and Publishing
    8.1 Testing Your Movie and Elements
    8.2 Exporting Your Movie
    8.3 Setting Preferences