Video Training for Powerpoint 2007

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    Video Training course for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

    No more excuse not to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation skills. It is so easy that you can learn it anywhere while on the go in the train or in the airplane. No internet is required after installation. Put your software to work in a few hours.

    Course Outline:

    The PowerPoint Environment

    1.1 Exploring the PowerPoint Environment

    1.2 Customizing Quick Access Toolbar

    How to Navigate Presentations

    2.1 Navigation Steps in PowerPoint

    2.2 Different Presentation Views

    2.3 Rearranging and Deleting Slides

    Creating and Formatting Slides

    3.1 Working with Themes

    3.2 Adding Slides to Your Presentations

    3.3 Entering and Modifying Text

    3.4 Formatting Paragraphs in a Slide

    Adding Graphics and Drawing Objects to Your Presentations

    4.1 Inserting Pictures

    4.2 Inserting ClipART

    4.3 Creating and Modifying Shapes

    4.4 Inserting WordART

    Modifying Objects

    5.1 How to Change an Object's Orientation 

    5.2 Grouping and Ungrouping Objects 

    5.3 Arranging Your Objects 

    Adding Tables and Charts

    6.1 How to Create Tables

    6.2 Formatting Tables 

    6.3 How to Insert Tables from Microsoft Word

    6.4 How to Add a Chart

    6.5 Modifying Charts 

    6.6 Working with Diagrams

    Modifying Presentations

    7.1 Working with Slide Masters

    7.2 Setting up Slide Shows

    7.3 Adding Transitions 

    7.4 Adding Animation Effects 

    7.5 How to Package Your Presentations

    Proofing and Delivering Presentations

    8.1 Working with Spell Check 

    8.2 How to Print Your Presentations

    Works offline for study on the go!

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