Яркие дети




    "Яркие дети" is the series of flash cards and developing games for kids with audio in Russian language! Enjoy the intuitive design of the application as well as the quality of pictures and facts.
    Reviewing the cards:
    - gives your child more knowledge about the surrounding world;
    - develops his/her intelligence and memory;
    - teaches shapes and colors, reading and counting skills;
    - lets him/her know of different sport activities and musical instruments, means of transportation and people’s occupations, space, nature, animals and plants.
    The application offers 22 topics with 20 flash cards in each. You may show all 20 cards from one topic at once or select the ones you want.
    Every flash card has three facts said aloud with a recording from a native Russian speaker. When the slideshow is over, each topic is followed with three fascinating games: "choose the right picture", "choose the capture", "memo game", "find the odd one out".

    "Яркие дети" is the next level of "Bright kids (ru/en)" App.
    The purchased items are valid only for iPhone.

    P.s. " Яркие дети " is an updated version of the application "Вундеркинд с пеленок". In-app purchases bugs have been fixed.