An interactive film and web platform about artistic interventions in the public space in Europe, the art and the
    urban -

    In Situ is a feature length and non-linear webdocumentary that shows how artists and thinkers can transform
    Europe’s urban space – to change the way we live. With public spaces typically overcrowded, noisy and
    excessive, the film explores alternative poetic and personal imaginings, put in motion through successively
    monumental, radical, secret and magical experiences.

    In Situ is also a radically new web experience in which you can view an interactive movie and participate by
    adding your own content to a map of urban space in Europe.

    This experience, this debate and this game are now augmented by our brand new iPhone/iPad application:
    download the app, see the full length movie, and participate to our platform. Then just travel around our
    interactive map.

    Our app is simple and efficient in order to see the linear film, but highly interactive when it comes to
    participate: you can map and visualize the contents. But you can also just take picture and shot short movie
    and upload them directly to our project’s platform. Though your collaboration, we can all together built a
    poetical map of urban space in Europe.


    Please be aware that the INSITU app loads video files. As we want to offer the best video quality, the files
    may be huge and take some time to load. In Wi-Fi mode, no latency should be noticed, nor in 3G or UMTS
    mode. Depending on the type of connection you require, some charges may apply. Please check your
    mobile phone subscription and contract prior to using the service.

    A PROVIDENCES / ARTE France coproduction, supported by the CNC
    Éditeur - ARTE G.E.I.E.