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    iPhone application Bisei-tokei.R with beautiful photos and voices of popular voice actors has been released!

    12 popular female voice actors are featured in the iPhone application of Bisei-tokei.R!
    New photos and new time signals were shot and recorded for this new version and are a must for fans of these voice actors.
    Due to popular demand, Bisei-tokei.R has added the useful function of setting ring alarm tones while in sleep mode.
    Bisei-tokei.R aims to be the standard iPhone application and is the most recommended practical application in the entertainment category.

    (Explanation of functions)
    In Bisei-tokei.R, you can set time signals for every minute with the actor's voice and set dialogue time signals for every 10 minutes. A different voice actor's photo is displayed every minute so you can see 1,440 different actor's photos and listen to their voices every 24 hours. Of course, the visual and/ or sound settings can be turned on or off as desired.

    Each voice actors performs two different kinds of delivery, like a 'polite tone' or a ‘hostile tone’, and they change their delivery in morning and evening. All 24 different kinds of delivery have 3 patterns of alarm voices so there are 72 kinds of alarm voices in Bisei-tokei.R.

    (Main functions)
    ◇Automatic photo reload
    A new photo displays automatically every minute.

    ◇Digital clock
    Tap on the top of the photo to display the present time.

    Double tap on the photo to zoom in and out.

    ◇Download artist’s photos
    You can keep your favorite photos in your library.

    ◇Time signals
    The voice actors tell you the time every minute. Dialogue time signals for every 10 minutes are also available.

    ◇Repeat play
    Push PLAY to repeat time signals.

    Set the alarm anytime.
    Turn the alarm on or off in sleep mode.
    You can choose from 72 alarm choices.

    Application total capacity:383MB

    ・Minori Chihara
    Saki as Toka Ryumonbuchi

    ・Eri Kitamura
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica as Sayaka Miki

    ・Miyuki Sawashiro
    HUNTER×HUNTER as Kurapika

    ・Emiri Kato
    Lucky Star as Kagami Hiiragi

    ・Shizuka Ito
    Hayate the Combat Butler as Hinagiku Katsura

    ・Kaori Nazuka
    Eureka Seven as Eureka

    ・Yuko Minaguchi
    Dragon Ball Z as Videl

    ・Shiori Mikami
    YuruYuri as Akari Akaza

    ・Minami Tsuda
    YuruYuri as Yui Funami

    ・Miyu Matsuki
    Hidamari Sketch as Yoshinoya-sensei

    ・Kikuko Inoue
    Onegai Teacher as Mizuho Kazami

    ・Hisako Kanemoto
    Invasion! Squid Girl as Squid Girl

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