It is an application that can check the waiting time of the attraction of TDL and TDS.

    Setting the time of the acquired fast path will tell you the time with an alarm.
    Alarms that can be set in the setting are "Fast pass time", "Fast pass time that can be acquired next", "Show time".

    ◆ Function
    Confirm wait time of TDL, TDS
    "Fast pass time" "Time of fast pass that can be acquired next" "Time of show" Notice

    Related information browsing function

    ◆ How to use
    TDL wait time: The screen to confirm the waiting time of TDL is displayed.
    TDS wait time: The screen to confirm the waiting time of TDS is displayed.
    Alarm setting: "FP time" "FP acquisition available time" "Show time" can be set.
    Update: Update the wait time of each park.
    By touching the attraction you can display the details of the attraction.

    ◆ Remarks
    Please let us know in the comment field if you have any requests or inadequacies.
    This application displays information on the official website of TDL, TDS.
    Information may not be able to be browsed due to specification changes of the official website.

    Please use this application to have fun with TDL, TDS.

    ※.Please note that the vib does not synchronize at the time of alarm by the specification of iPhone