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    By Carl R Andrews & David Orion

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    The Reviews are coming in:
    "Very Funny Stuff!"
    "The Feel Good App of the Year!"
    "Love it" - Clayton Morris, Host of "Fox & Friends" and "Gadgets and Games"

    Attention all men!

    Finally an app where women love you just the way you are! It’s called “Dream Wife”.

    With the simple push of a button, you can experience pretend yet positive affirmations throughout the day, such as:

    1) Honey you don’t have to put up the toilet seat, I like taking a little 3 am butt bath.
    2) Honey I don’t mind when you fart under the sheets, you're like my little personal Potpourri.
    3) Honey you sit here there and watch the game; I’ll go mow the lawn. But first, can I bring you another beer and give you a foot massage?
    4) Honey I like it when you leave your dirty clothes on the floor for me to pickup, it gives me a little aerobic activity at the end of my day.
    5) I agree Honey, kissing is highly over rated, just high five me again…same thing.

    There are more than 100 hilarious sayings with a soothing and sympathetic female voice that doesn't exist in the real world -- loving you and all of your contemptible actions unconditionally.

    “Dream Wife” Never leave home without her!

    From Carl R Andrews, Inc.
    by Carl Andrews & David Orion

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