Give a Kiss




    Test your kissing skills with Give a Kiss app.

    This application was meant to be a prank, and the scores are generated randomly. Don't take it seriously :)

    Kiss the screen and learn how romantic and passionate you are. The game judges your skills and you also get some good and funny advice. Practice to become a Natural Born Kisser.
    Give a Kiss has options for single kisses for boys and girls and also a kissing match test for couples (Couple Test). It is a gay and lesbian friendly app.

    Give a Kiss used during the party guarantees excellent fun. It can also be used during the foreplay to get to know your partner's skills before your real kiss.

    The app will also help you develop your kissing skills - the more you kiss the better you get. This gives you a bigger chance to impress your love!
    Don't disappoint your boyfriend or girlfriend - practice your kissing and become the best. Remember a good kiss is the best way of showing your love.

    Give a Kiss is an amazing app for meeting new people. It works perfectly at big parties and also during romantic couple meetings.

    If you're shy and want to meet someone new and have good fun - use Give a Kiss!
    Give a Kiss is the best game of this kind on iTunes

    Have a good time!