Hang Me!!




    How well do you know your sport stars? Are you more interested in Movies and Actors?
    We have got something for everyone. Try out our new Hangman Game.

    Hangman is a simple puzzle game which checks how many movie stars you know, how many cities you can guess correctly. You choose your favourite category and check how good you are. Use Hints to know more about your favourite categories. Use Reveal to help yourselves when in trouble.
    Hundreds of minutes of game play guaranteed to keep you involved at the edge of your wits.
    Look forward to many exciting free updates as well.

    1. High Definition Graphics especially designed to work on your device.
    2. Hours of free game play.
    3. Many Fun categories.
    4. Free Help and Reveal.
    5. Complete Family game.

    Please share your feedbacks at Let us know which feature you liked and what can be improved. We would be happy to hear and improve.