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    ■Hiroshige Utagawa, a great Ukiyoe artist
    Hiroshige Utagawa was one of the greatest Ukiyoe artists.
    Hiroshige, in his early days, drew common Ukiyoe themes such as actors and women,
    but later he came to draw landscapes to distinguish himself.
    Hiroshige's most famous work is "The fifty-three stations of the Tokaido", which was not only popular in Japan,
    but also had a great impact on Western artists, especially French Impressionists in the late 19th century.

    ■What is this app?
    This app is the most challenging version of "Puzzle de HIroshige" series ( "Hiroshige8puzzle" and "Hiroshige15puzzle" have been released by now )
    This must provide an exciting experience for both ardent art lovers and ardent puzzle lovers.

    24-puzzle is a game, in which you slide 24 tiles, to get these tiles arranged in order.
    In this app, each 24 tiles is a divided piece of one picture, which is one of the Hiroshige's 55 works.
    You get these tiles arranged as you do in common 24-puzzle, then you will get a Hiroshige's Ukiyoe.

    ■How to enjoy this app
    First, Tokaido Map screen opens. Traveler icon shows your status, and it is at "Edo" at first. Then every time you have finished a puzzle, the icon travels toward "Kyo", the goal of Tokaido.
    Once you have passed a station, you can go back to any station at any time. In other words, you can enjoy all the puzzles that you have once finished.

    To start a puzzle, you either tap "Traveler icon" or tap "Station's Name" button.
    When you have finished a puzzle, tap "Top" button, and you will go back to "Tokaido Map" screen.

    If you want to get back and play a puzzle you have once done, you either tap "PREV" button, or directly tap the "station" displayed as a blue button on the map.
    If you find the puzzle too hard, we recommend you go to the "Setting" screen, and turn the "number" switch on.
    Then numbers are added to each tile, and you can arrange the numbers in ascending order.
    When you try to solve puzzles, you will focus on the details of the pictures, which help you notice what you otherwise would overlook.
    To appreciate Hiroshige's authentic works more carefully, tap "Gallery" button, and you can enjoy appreciating Hiroshige's Ukiyoe without haste.

    We hope you enjoy Hiroshige24puzzle, and hopefully you will be more interested in Japanese culture and art.