iRoll Up Friends: Multiplayer Rolling and Smoking Simulator Ad-Free

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    The #1 Multiplayer Rolling and Smoking Simulator

    Join the thousands of Next peer players, and beat their times!

    Have you ever wanted Roll Up? Now you can here is a fun way to practice the rolling and smoking process, the iRoll Up Multiplayer App! Learn HOW TO ROLL UP easy!

    Create a custom identity, then invite your closest friends to compete and compare times! Then take your talents to the world and climb the world leader boards and become the fastest roller in the world!

    iRoll Up uses the multi-touch and the accelerometer, to create the most realistic rolling and smoking simulation on your iPhone! iRoll Up can also be a time based game! See how fast you can roll up, play and beat your friends! Then share your scores to the world!


    - Invite, Play, and compete with your friends and the rest of the World!
    - Gain levels for the fastest times!
    - Climb to the top of the leader boards
    - Multitouch
    - Tobacco Rolling Simulator !
    - Time Attack Rolling Game!
    - HD Graphics make the most realistic rolling app ever!
    - Cool app to show friends at parties or hanging out!
    - Accelerometer


    1. Pinch the sides
    2. Pull Down to even out product
    3. Use fingers to roll in the up direction

    1. Drag the arrow slowly!

    1. Simply use your fingers to simulate the rolling process
    2. To smoke, slowly pull the arrow back to simulate inhaling
    3. See how fast your can do it, and beat your friends!

    Well what are you waiting for? Invite your friends and see who can Roll Up and Smoke the fastest!