Jiggle HD -- Bounce, Wobble, and Shake Anything!!!

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    Jiggle HD -- Bounce, Wobble, and Shake Anything!!!

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    Tell Bill Cosby to grab a spoon, things are about to get Jiggly!
    •• Bounce Anything You Want •• Custom Shape Jiggles •• Stunning Realism •• Bulge, Pinch, & Twist Gestures •• Awesome Fun •• iPad Version Included •• Retina Display Included ••

    Add jiggly blobs to an image, hit view, and play with them all you want! Your friends will be shocked and amazed at the wonderful wobbly greatness! Once you have the basics down, upgrade your arsenal and make custom shapes that snugly hug any contour with crazy accuracy. Modify distribution centers and weights to change the way your shapes move in fun and creative ways. Jiggle anything you want, go berserk!

    This universal app fits all your devices like a glove, putting every pixel to work for you! We went to great lengths ensuring that it worked on iPads, iPods, and iPhones with and without retina display so you could enjoy it on all your devices!

    Our app leverages a novel algorithm for cubic b-spline based arbitrary boundary region approximation and rapid quadrangulation, which could possibly help advance medical science. We put it in your control, rocking your world with gloriously swaying custom blobs and gobs! The most advanced app in its class, and we're still coming up with more!


    [Double Tap]:
    Hides & shows all toolbars.

    ________Top Toolbar
    [ Menu ]:
    Brings up some common actions. Go back to the Main Menu for more choices.

    [ Tools ]:
    Opens tool menu. When the tool menu is open, this turns into an arrow which sends the tool menu to the top or bottom of the screen.

    ________Bottom Toolbar
    [ + ]:
    Add new jiggle point to image.

    [ Set-Up ]:
    Switch to mode in which you can position and manipulate the geometry of jiggles.

    [ View ]:
    Switch to mode where you can watch your jiggles in action. Shake your device around, drag them around, and if you have the full version try the 2 finger pinch, bulge, and twist gestures.

    [ - ]:
    Delete selected jiggle, only works in editing mode.

    ________Tool Menu
    When in view mode, the lower half of the menu allows you to change the speed and power of your jiggles. Uncheck "apply to all" and your speed and power adjustments will only effect the jiggle you have selected. Otherwise, they will apply to all Jiggles.

    [ Move and Scale ]:
    Switch to mode where you position jiggles. Two finger pinch scaling and rotating is supported.
    The lower half of the menu allows you to switch your selected jiggle between 3 preset shapes.

    [ Edit Shape (Full Version) ]:
    Switch to mode where you drag control points to change the shape of your jiggle.
    The lower half of the menu allows you to add and remove control points to your selected jiggle.

    [ Edit Bulge (Full Version) ]:
    Switch to mode where you can position the jiggle's weight center. The more red an area shows up, the more it moves.
    The lower half of the menu allows you to pick how "fat" your jiggle will be, wider bulges have a more gradual curve.

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