Just Nuke It 2 HD

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    Just Nuke It 2 HD takes nuking to a whole new level! It's bigger and better in its mayhem!

    See the effects of a nuclear weapon dropped anywhere in the world. Just Nuke It 2 HD displays the blast radius of a variety of historically accurate nuclear weapons.

    - Choose from 20 nuclear weapons from all the current and emerging world powers!
    - Sort your nuke listing by name, country of origin, year or yield
    - Input any location destination to nuke
    - Location auto-fill for a quick list of targets
    - Detonate multiple nukes on the same map
    - New readouts for more damage, including Thermal, Pressure and Fallout readouts!
    - Change the wind direction to see different Fallout spreads
    - Cool bomb sounds for added impact!

    Bomb damage is based on data from "The Effects of Nuclear Weapons" by Samuel Glasstone and Philip J. Dolan

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