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    Illuminate through sound!

    Dim your lights, turn on your favourite music and let lumebox illuminate your environment and enlighten your mood!

    Watch the trailer to get a hint, what it's all about:

    Requirements: device with build in microphone!

    .:: What is Lumebox? ::.

    * Lumebox uses the microphone to produce a rhythmic glowing, changing and reacting light.

    * Lumebox works best within dark environments. iPads are favoured but even iPhones and iPods can create cool light effects to your music.

    * Use lumebox on more devices simultaneously to create an even more awesome room light!

    .:: Features ::.

    * lumebox comes with a dynamic and static color mode, both beeing adjustable to your taste.

    * With active dynamic mode, lumebox varies brightness and color tone due to environmental music or noise. You can adjust the overall brightness and rhythmic accentuation through easy onScreen swipes.

    * With dynamic mode deactivated, lumebox operates as a static, illuminating light. You can adjust the brightness and color tone as well via onScreen swipes.

    .:: NOTE::.
    * At the moment, the key lock doesn't gets deactivated, so you have to do this within the menue...thats not a option really so it will be fixed within a small update within the next days!
    * Brightness adjustment doesn't work in dynamic mode. That what i end up with my last minute changes. Will be fixed as well.
    * if you find other bugs or wish some extension or have an idea...i would be glad to get mail from you!

    .:: For you, the buyer ::.
    Thank you very much for purchasing lumebox! Many comparable apps are for free, so i'm more than thankful for what i consider as a donation!
    Lumebox is just a small start, done only by myself and with your help, i maybe can realize some of the ideas, i am carrying in my heart.
    Have fun!

    .:: For the geek ::.
    Lumebox processes the microphone input in realtime and analyzes different characteristics, like loudness and frequency spectrum. I tried to design lumebox for simple out-of-the-box functionality without the need for difficult configurations. So there are a bunch of self-adjusting filters under the hood, adapting analyze schemes for different situations, e.g. different speakers.
    It's not perfect as my knowledge about audio analysis and fft's is not perfect. But it was fun to dive into those topics and i have some extensions in mind, that will be delivered via updates.

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