Millionaire Mindset




    Imagine learn the knowledge to be rich. The mindset
    creates the difference between poor people and rich

    This app offers you different quizzes to assimilate the
    different concepts that millionaire people use. Some
    concepts are how to create value to people and how to
    create profitable business. Enjoy these quizzes and
    learn how rich people think, how they focus on resolve
    problems and their valuable points of view.

    The quizzes are based on more than 10 books from
    different authors. They became rich before writing their

    "Think and grow rich" - Author: Napoleon Hill
    "The secrets of the millionarie mind" - Author: T. Harv Eker
    "Rich dad poor dad" - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
    "I can make you rich" - Author: Paul Mc.Kenna
    "The compound effect" - Author: Darren Hardy
    "The secret" - Author: Rhonda Byrne
    "The 4-hour work-week" - Author: T. Ferris.
    "The answer" Author: John Assaraf
    "Think you are Rich" Author: J.Murphy
    "The power of Focus" Author: Jack Canfield


    1. Useful and deep insight concepts about wealth.
    2. Quiz based on 10 books.
    3. Learn at the same time you enjoy playing.
    4. Share your score worldwide if you want.
    5.Very addictive.
    6. Facebook integration to post directly on your Facebook wall!
    7. Local and global score.
    8. Videos that explain a lot of concepts.

    Enjoy playing this quiz.

    Every time you take the quiz, you will be asked 10
    differents questions. After each question there is the answer.

    Remove old beliefs to embrace a new
    mindset ... If you want to be a millionaire.

    The mindset is the best asset.

    Millionaires agree the following... The way they think is
    the difference to achieve great results.

    To be a millionaire you must think like a millionaire.

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