Nerd Ball




    It’s 2 in the morning and, after a long day of coding and a Star Trek marathon, you find yourself pondering some really important issues. Should you grab a snack before you go to bed? Will your favorite barista be working tomorrow? You look for your BFFs, but no one is online. What do you do now?

    Play NerdBall! That’s what!

    A little bit like a Magic 8-ball and a lot like your snarky friend Seth, NerdBall has answers for any questions you have. There’s no guarantee that the answer has anything to do with your question, but, hey, at least you know it cares. And, more importantly, it’s keeping you entertained!

    Where do you begin?... Ask Me. Shake Me. It’s that simple! … but please don’t shake me too hard! My vertigo might start acting up. With just a shake, I will ponder your question with all of the care and attention I’d give to Carl Sagan, if he were sipping an Americano at table next to mine. Don’t count on my response changing your life, but it might make you think.

    And, if you run out of questions to ask me, you can test your knowledge with the NerdBall quiz!

    So, come on! Give NerdBall a try! 4 out of 5 users surveyed find NerdBall to be 12.53 minutes of pure entertainment. Not to mention that it’s free. What have you got to lose?!

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