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    The idea is to create sand art just like you did when you were a kid at the fair. Mix colors and create patterns and designs that will amaze you and your friends. Click on the small grey box in the top left hand corner of the screen for instructions. Simply amazing fun!

    It changes the pixels on the screen into digital sand that can be used as building material for cosmic landscapes, Clemens-style sand paintings, mandalas and so on.

    We wanted to create a playground of colours and sound for people to play with us in our sandbox – within the screen.

    The digital sandbox takes after the physical one. The user is allowed to do what he or she wishes with the elements in the sandbox. Sometimes the resulting pieces are expressive, sometimes they become more abstract. And just as a real world sandbox, the one on can be smoothed out and re-sculpted again time after time.

    Just like the actual sand gets its colour from its origins, the sand covers the RGB palette natural to digital environments. Instead of nature’s frequencies the digital sand generates white noise, which is a random signal with a flat power density. It is considered analogous to white light which contains all frequencies – like the RGB sand.

    The specialities of the digital sand lie in the possibility of saving the original pieces of sand art in the gallery or printing them out. The sand doesn’t fall or wear out.