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    Published: 2015-08-26, by Peter Warrior.

    An original, hilarious and eclectic game.

    • Original
    • Technically flawless
    • Absolute lack of purpose.

    "The next time someone asks you if you're a god you say yes"

    First at all, Pocket God takes a long time to load, namely about thirty seconds in order to actually start playing it. You are warned. Likewise, this game can be quite entertaining for sure, but it lacks any purpose beyond. There aren't scores nor ratings, story-line is symbolical and, in short, it's one of those apps you will hate it a lot or hate it not so much. Oh, you can love it, too, though maybe only for a while or when a new update is launched.

    Let me explain. Pocket God is about you being some kind of cruel Polynesian archipelago god, who has been upset by those fool worshipers you had and called your almighty power and even your own existence into question. Therefore, they must die. To die them all you have at your reach all the imaginable possibilities. Want a tsunami to tsunamize them? Checked. Angry bloodthirsty sharks? Check. Bolts, tornadoes and volcanoes? That's easy. There are quite a handful options to eradicate them from the holy paradise islands.

    There should be more, but there isn't. Your only goal will be visiting all the stages -mainly islands, but there are some underwater- and invoke how many inhabitants you want to recreate yourself in new and more cruel ways to kill them. To make things more personalized, every pygmy has a name, but you must not worry about it nonetheless. Just wondering how this game would be if there were rival gods saving those souls you are crushing with your mighty finger, or if you had to find a way to kill only a few sinners and reward loyal parishioners.

    By the way, graphics, sound and all the techie stuff can be considered flawless, so even though it's a great game, its absolute lack of purpose is a burden too heavy to give this game a higher rating. Of course, if you are looking for non-sense gaming par excellence, here's your game.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Aug 26, 2015


    What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Play Pocket God and discover the answer within yourself. On a remote island, you are the all-powerful god that rules over the primitive islanders. You can bring new life, and then take it away just as quickly. Exercise your powers on the islanders. Lift them in the air, alter gravity, hit them with're the island god! All god powers are demonstrated in Pocket God's help menu.

    Pocket God is an episodic microgame for you to explore, show your friends and have fun with. We have been growing the game with the help of player suggestions! What sort of godly powers would you like to see added?

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    Ep 1: Nowhere To Go, Nothin' To Do
    Ep 2: Does this Megabyte Make My App Look Fat?
    Ep 3: You Always Hurt the One You Lava
    Ep 4: Shake That App!
    Ep 5: A Storm is Coming
    Ep 6: And on the 7th Day, Rest!
    Ep 7: Just Give Us 5 Minutes
    Ep 8: Jump the Shark
    Ep 9: Idle Hands
    Ep 10: Hi, Dracula!
    Ep 11: A Mighty Wind
    Ep 12: Something's Fishy…
    Ep 13: March of the Fire Ants
    Ep 14: Say My Name!
    Ep 15: A New Home
    Ep 16: The Tyrannosaurus Strikes Back!
    Ep 17: Return of the Pygmy
    Ep 18: Surf's Up
    Ep 19: Fun 'n Games Until A Pygmy Gets Hurt
    Ep 20: Stop! My App is On Fire!
    Ep 21: Flipping the Bird
    Ep 22: Ooga Jump
    Ep 23: Bait Master
    Ep 24: Idle Hands 2: Caught with your Pants Down
    Ep 25: Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams Attached To Their Heads
    Ep 26: Dead Pygmy Walking
    Ep 27: Good Will Haunting
    Ep 28: Barking Spider, Crouching Pygmy
    Ep 29: The Pyg Chill
    Ep 30: Great Job Ice Hole
    Ep 31: What's the Story Morning Gory?
    Ep 31B: What's the Story Morning Gory? Part II
    Ep 32: Crack is Wack
    Ep 33: A Pygmy A Day Keeps the Ape Away
    Ep 34: Monkey See, Monkey Chew
    Ep 35: Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky
    Ep 36: Konkey Dong
    Ep 37: The Moron Pests
    Ep 38: Two and a Half Pygmies
    Ep 39: Challenge of the Gods
    Ep 40: Battle of the Gods.
    Ep 41: I Sting The Body Electric
    Ep 42: Bone Soup
    Ep 43: Killing Time
    Ep 44: The Perfect Swarm
    Ep 45: Dance Dance Execution
    Ep 46: Germs of Endearment
    Ep 47: Apocalypse, Ow!

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