Simon Answers - Tarot game




    This app is intended for entertainment purposes only.
    Prank your friends with this virtual Ouija. BUT FIRST READ BELOW THE TRICK AND INSTRUCTIONS:

    In the first field, "Simon, please answer" shall allways be written.
    In the second field, write the question you wanna make to Simon.

    In the first field, if you start your phrase with a point (.), followed by the answer, and ended with another point (.), but the "Simon, please answer" text will appear. In this first field you have to write a point (.), the answer to the question you are gonna ask in the second field and end it with a point (.) again, and the rest of the phrase. When entering the point at the end, Simon answer will be what you secretly wrote in the first field and your friend will be really shocked. When your friend asks for your phone to try it, he wont know the point (.) trick, so when he makes a question, Simon will answer in a negative or agressive way, making the trick only work with you.
    Be sure to first mentalize your friend, tell him you discovered a very strange app, so he believes it. Also write fast your answer so he doesnt realize you entered something different than "Simon, please answer"
    This is a fun prank for friends or family that can scare more than one... How far you take it is up to you...
    This is the best scary prank for Aprils Fools Day.

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