Truth or Dare Pro !

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    This is the best Truth or Dare you’ve ever had in iTunes!

    You can use this app when you want to have the most awesome Truth or Dare gaming experience. Whether you are with your friends at home, at a pub, or even at a company party, this app will surely come in handy.

    You could define your own question bank or choose the levels to avoid embarrassment in the very beginning of the game. The app could not only be used for playing Truth or Dare alone, but you can also use this app when you need a quick Truth or Dare question.

    - Game of Chance: You can set the number of boxes and bombs. The one who chooses the box containing a bomb would be punished (truth or dare)!
    - Question bank model: set the question level, and choose truth or dare. There are 200 questions available!
    - Customize your question bank: If you’re feeling that the questions are not enough, there’s no problem! You could write your own favorite questions and personalize your own question bank!
    - In addition: all sorts of thoughtful settings for you to explore (such as the frequency of certain questions to appear).
    - Customize your question bank
    - Special gaming effects such as flashlight and vibration could be used to inform others when the bombs appear
    - Backup your custom questions to your iCloud account
    - Set the frequency of customized questions to appear