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    LiveChannel™ -- Your Live Service Connection!

    LiveChannel creates an instant live-service connection between staff and customers at leading-edge stores and restaurants. It also provides shoppers and diners quick access to a location's mobile web site so that they can take advantage of the up-to-the-minute location based marketing offers and special promotions.

    Once you install the free LiveChannel app, you will be able to simply tap on the "Get Connected" button to instantly connect to service staff at participating retailers or restaurants. Then, tap on the "Service, Please!" button whenever needed, to send a message directly to the staff member servicing your location, to get fast, efficient service, at the exact time and place that it is needed!

    Note: iPad use requires a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection.

    Have you ever waited in vain for store assistance when you need it while shopping in department stores, superstores or specialty retailers? Have you ever waited endlessly for a server at your favorite restaurant to come around to refill your empty drink, to bring condiments, or the desert menu, or just to bring the check when you're ready to leave? Then you need LiveChannel!

    Download the free LiveChannel app today and get:

    - Instant in-store service connection at participating locations
    - Simple, one-tap "Service, Please!" button to request service
    - Fast service, assistance and product info, exactly when and where you need it
    - Quick access to current store website info
    - Quick access to latest in-store specials

    Note: If your favorite store or restaurant does not yet have the free LiveChannel service available, then be sure to tell them "I want my LiveChannel!!!"

    Join the leading-edge stores, restaurants and other facilities that are connecting with their customers using LiveChannel!

    It takes just 5 minutes to set-up your location to support free LiveChannel connections, and there is no hardware to buy, no setup fees, and no system integration or maintenance of any kind.

    LiveChannel Staff Benefits:

    - Staff members receive instant notification from customers needing sales/service assistance
    - Less wasted staff effort since staff can respond to customers in need of immediate service
    - Larger per customer sales amounts as staff provide sales help when needed
    - Larger restaurant service staff tips as a result of prompt and efficient service

    LiveChannel Management Benefits:

    - Instant Set-Up
    - No cost
    - No system integration
    - No special devices
    - Hyperlocal marketing and in-store promotions
    - Ability to present dynamic in-store customer offers
    - Happier Customers
    - Higher store loyalty
    - Higher sales per customer
    - Higher repeat customers
    - Happier Staff
    - Higher efficiency
    - Lower turnover

    Retailers, restaurants and other facilities can create a LiveChannel connection with their customers in just two quick and easy steps:

    1) Download LiveChannel onto all staff and management smartphones or tablets.
    2) Visit to create a free "LiveChannel Connection Kit" to enable LiveChannel at your facility.

    In 5 minutes or less, your staff will have a free live service connection with your customers via LiveChannel!