Lunch Life




    A lunch life is the application which can record and classify the made lunch according to easy operation.
    It aids making lunch of your every day!

    Since daily lunch is photoed and it can save on a calendar, the lunch of three days ago is also known at a glance.
    Since an eating-completely mark and a regrettable mark can be attached to the photograph of lunch, it is recommended at the mother who considers a child's nutritional balance, does her best, and is making lunch.

    The best also for an office worker's diet record.

    A favorite list display can also be performed using an event mark.

    A comment can be attached to the photograph of lunch.
    Moreover, it can tweet or can attach to e-mail.

    Operation is very simple.

    - It becomes camera mode immediately after a start.
    (It is made to Off in a setup.)

    * Monthly screen *
    - Today's lunch can be photoed if the tap of the "Photo today's lunch" button is carried out.
    - When there is already a photograph, it is overwritten with the photograph taken newly.
    - Icon can be dragged and it can attach to the photograph of lunch.
    - Icon can be attached also to a day without the photograph of lunch.
    - Garbage can icon can be dragged and the attached icon can be erased.
    - If the tap of the photograph is carried out, Daily screen will be displayed.
    - If the tap of the "Event list" button is carried out, an event list screen will open.

    * Event list screen *
    - The list of the days when the icon was attached is displayed. (a maximum of 50 affairs).
    - If the tap of the icon of the upper part of screen is carried out, only the day when the icon which carried out the tap was attached will be displayed.

    * Daily screen *
    - If the tap of the "Import" button is carried out, the photograph of the day can be taken in from a camera roll.
    - Photograph can be deleted.
    - Comment can be inputted.
    - It can tweet.
    - It can attach and transmit to mail.