Stamp Fridge




    you can manage food condition in fridge easily !
    The operate of regist data of food is only to select food which is stamp more 180.
    Other features are expiration manage, recipe search, food calendar, food shopping memo and etc…
    so, this app has many feature which makes your food life happy and convenient !
    Female users girls, woman , lady are recommended :)

    ■More 200 Cute Stamp Available
    the food stamps is categorized which you can find stamp you want use.
    Eash stamps can set expiration.

    ■Conveniently Recipe Search
    recipe search has some feature which you see table of reviewed ranking or latest posted recipe ranking.
    And also you can find food menu which is able to cook in your registed food in fridge by this app.

    ■You Can Post Your Original Cook Recipe
    It makes for you easy to post your original recipe which you can also use as original recipe note.
    (Annotation: users need to use Facebook ID which is used as user identifier)

    ■Useful Food Calendar
    it useful for you to see your food menu cycle which is enable as body health checkers or diet.

    ■Shopping memo
    you can use memo note when you go food shopping.
    This note can use check box you can see bought or not.
    And also you regist text memo or picture related what for shopping.

    ■Other feature
    custom color theme, expiration alarm , switch fridge or ice box for food.

    our developer will gradually improve this app more useful and increase stamps for next update.