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    This application was designed to help in choosing an Italian wine which best matches a dish of typical regional Italian food, or, viceversa, choosing what food can be best matched with a given bottle of Italian wine.
    Matching wine and food, is not an easy task, and a mistake can ruin an excellent (and sometimes expensive) bottle of wine, or ruin the flavor of a particular dish, or both.
    Typical moments where you need a ready-to-use suggestion are: at a business lunch, when there is the decision to choose the wine and everybody looks at you, waiting for a response; or, when you receive a bottle of wine and you want to know if it can be used for the incoming meal in front of you.
    For these reasons the application is very friendly, easy to use, and very quick.
    The data base was built according to a well-known methodology suggested by one of the most famous persons in the Italian Association of Sommeliers . It is based on the opposing sensations between wine and food; only one exception: a sweet food requires a sweet wine. The database also contains wine and food matches that I found good during official meals, or, suggested by friends.
    You too, if you find a good match you want to share with others, connect to Facebook.
    I didn’t suggest a particular bottle of wine (i.e.: Lambrusco 2010 by XYZ ), but, in this example, only Lambrusco. In this way you can choose, among all the bottles of Lambrusco, available at the restaurant or the wine shop, the bottle that best suits your meal (and your wallet!).
    Enjoy your choice!