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    Acupressure is a widely known technique of oriental medicine. Tsubo introduces the pressure points specific to a wide range of symptoms, together with their stimulation method. It also includes special programs to combat eye fatigue, stiff shoulders, and to loose weight.

    Symptoms Covered:
    Toothache, crick, slipped disk, motion sickness, diarrhea, hangover, dizziness, tinnitus, gluttony, stiff shoulders, headache, eye fatigue, stiff neck, stomatitis, common cold, nose jamming, stress, lack of motivation, sleepiness, insomnia, skin care, stain slack, face line, poor circulation, constipation, diet, lumbago.

    * We have added many Tsubo version 2.0:
    Hypersensitive Colon Syndrome, Hemorrhoids, Fatigue and Swelling of the Feet.

    * The following Tsubo are sold separately:
    Menstrual Pain, Menstrual Cycle Regulation, Bladder Inflamation, Virility Enhancement, Baldness.

    Programs Included:
    Outdoor, PC Fatigue (eyes, shoulders), PC Fatigue (full), Energizing, Diet, Fasting, Skin Care, Wrinkles, Sound Sleep, Circulation.

    Supervisor: Kyu Sue
    Profile: Active in Japan's NHK TV Network, she performs throughout Japan. She has been featured on many women's magazines and regularly contributes articles too. With many book published, she is a board member of the 21 Century Town Planning School program supported by Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Promoter of a rice based diet, she has also been a member of the Committee for the Creation of a Comfortable Village Space. Founder of the Tsubo Dance.

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