Count Sheep Sleep




    Sleepless night I will count the sheep.

    sent to your "counting sheep" iPhone app is not sleep, healing and teeth is an application system.

    * Three tips which become sleepy
    1. Make the brightness of a screen dark from "records"
    2. Let's put iPhone on a bed, without having in a hand.
    3. If you become slightly sleepy, let's close your eyes and tap sheep.

    Are you Ready to sleep?
    I brushed my teeth in the bath, I'll set up the app lying on the bed.
    I go over the fence when you tap, the sheep come.

    No Sheep come endlessly. I would fall asleep as it was to make you sleepy sleepy by this simple operation.

    After sleeping ...
    If you do not fall asleep sheep tap for 2 minutes.
    While not tap two minutes, did you slept well?

    You wake up in the morning
    You wake up in the morning, you can check the number and time of the last jump before I fell asleep in the "View Record" from the menu screen.

    Game Center ranking is the number of times because it is a total jump of ranking "people who do not sleep."

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