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    Lose weight, easy!
    With the Easy Diet App you will lose weight. This app includes a free 3 day diet meal plan. By following this 3 day diet plan exactly, you could lose up to 3 kg in just 3 days! It’s very easy to do, just eat exactly what the app tells you to...

    The Easy Diet App also includes:
    -Shopping list functionality; easy shopping, buy exactly the items you need for your diet plan
    -Twitter; let your friends know that you started to lose weight
    -In-app purchases for other great diet plans

    Why use this app to lose weight?
    -Easy; just eat what the app tells you to. There’s no use of difficult meals for which you have to be a chef cook.
    -Fast; lose weight in just a couple of days. Our diet plans focus on mixing certain types of foods that create a reaction in your digestive system. This will boost your metabolism and help you burn fat at a higher rate than usual.
    -It’s cheap; the 3 day diet plan is free. No expensive subscriptions, shakes, pills, or books needed
    -Natural; this diet uses all natural products, no chemical pills or shakes.
    -Flexible; if you are feeling tired of the included 3 day diet plan, you could purchase other diet plans easy and cheap with in-app purchase.

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