HAPIfork is the world’s first smart fork, brought to you by Slow Control and HAPILABS.

    50% of our health comes from what we eat and how we eat. The HAPIfork helps you to eat slowly, improve digestion, and lose weight.

    The companion HAPIfork app connects your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with your HAPIfork over Bluetooth Smart® to coach you to eat more slowly and to see your eating stats in real time.

    With the HAPIfork app paired with the HAPIfork, you can see:
    How long it took to eat your meal
    The number of "fork servings" (each time food is brought to the mouth) per minute
    A timer to help you pace your fork servings
    Actual intervals between fork servings
    Your success rate and overspeed ratio (when fork servings are taken too fast)

    Upload your eating data for analysis and coaching.
    With the app, you can also upload your stats over the air* to your account to see your stats over time and to track your progress.

    * Over-the-air upload requires a account and a one-time connection of the HAPIfork to the account over USB. More details at