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    How many times have your periods arrived unexpectedly? How many times have you forgotten the dates of your last cycle? How many times have you wanted to know in advance so you can plan a holiday or special day?

    Don't get caught out again! With Intimity you'll know the date of your next cycle and most fertile days in advance. Thanks to the smart date function these predictions will be made by adapting to your rhythms.

    Visualize your period and most fertile days on the color-coded calendar, for a quick overview of the months ahead. You can even add notes, jot down your symptoms and describe your mood on the calendar, so you never need forget anything ever again.

    Everything is configurable - yes, everything. Activate notifications and you'll be forewarned several days before the start of your period and protect your data from prying eyes with a password.

    Thanks to iCloud your data will be automatically synchronised if you install the app on several devices and your data will be backed up automatically.