My Beauty Case

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    Turning your device into an interactive, functional and pocket Beauty Case has never been easier!
    How many times have you wanted to have on hand:

    - list of your favorite beauty products
    - list of your products to buy in the near future
    - list of your favorite brands
    - one pocket mirror

    All this in a single App.

    [ Use It To ]

    Organize Your Beauty Products.
    Remind you of purchases to do.
    Organize Favorite Brands product.
    Use the Mirror.

    [ Features ]

    - Beauty Case

    In this section you can create a category of products, enter the products in this category.
    You have discovered a new beauty product? You don't want to forget it? Simple, just register.

    - Products to buy

    Insert in this section the products and notes. When you go shopping is easy to see the list of products that you are prepared to purchase.
    You have with you the beauty products that you are missing and wherever you are, you can check your list to find what you miss.

    - Brands

    Insert in this section the brands that you care about, even the official website.
    At any time you can visit the websites of your brands to keep updated on new products on the market.
    How many times have you wanted to have all the official websites of your favorite brands in one place? Now you can.

    - Pocket Mirror

    How many times have you wanted to mirror yourself,but the environment embarrassed you? Well, activate the mirror, no one will notice what you're watching!
    You can check your appearance, hair condition, see your face. You can also take pictures and create videos activating the advanced mode!
    Rotate the device to clear the frame, to see the full screen.
    Forget the mirror that you always wore in the bag, Now you do not need it anymore.
    Check your makeup, hair, overall appearance, teeth after a meal.

    - Frame Mode
    - Full-screen mode
    (Not to be disturbed by objects on the screen)
    - Take photos (with camera front)
    - It is useful, practical, comfortable and fun !

    [ Design ]

    The graphics are perfected to the last detail to make using simple, fluid and pleasant.
    Optimized for Retina Display on the iPhone and iPad.

    [ Compatibility ]

    • Devices:
    all iPhone, iPad and iPod.

    • iOS:
    8.0 or later.

    [ Supported languages ]

    • English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish.

    [ Support ]

    If you like the app, don’t forget to leave us a review on the App Store.
    For suggestions please contact us at, or visit

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