Relax by meditone Premium

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    This is new version ! iOS 9 full compatible !

    Surprisingly, its premium version includes the tone that lasts as long as about 175 minutes in total (more than the storage capacity of 2 compact disks). It includes the sounds of nature (wave, wind, rain, and water, etc.), of course.

    If you suffer from the symptoms such as "Insomnia" or "Decrease of willpower" by stress or fatigue accumulated before you know. On an occasion like that, try this meditone. You will surely get relaxed and feel better step by step

    -Click following "App Support Button",you can see the sample movie!

    Use under the following situations proves to be effective.
    -It is effective for reading in commuter trains.
    -It is effective for work that demands concentration such as document preparations.
    -It is effective for a rest after lunch at work.
    And, what's the most effective, above all,
    -you will be able to sleep well.