TMPB Info Portal




    Included in TMPB Info Portal are several modules:

    1. Websites: Gives a direct link to each of the websites offered by The Medical Pavilion Bahamas.

    - TMPB's Main Website (The Heart, Cancer, Imaging, Chest and Breast Centre)
    - The Partners Health Plan
    - The Dialysis Centre

    2. A Live Chat Room: Input a username and you will be allowed to talk in real-time with an administrator as well as other users (patients / inquiring minds) about various topics.

    3. Office Hours: Will indicate (on the main page) when the Office is closed, as well as which days and hours the office is normally open.

    4. TMPB News: Here, you can view / download various PDF files which will include the Survival newsletter published in-house, as well as other info about TMPB.

    5. Pricings: An interactive item catalog which lists common procedures offered at TMPB.

    6. Promotions: A special page for all TMPB users!

    7. Weather: Gives local weather.

    8. Maps: View local maps here.

    9. Comments Form: Contact Us!