Your Height Weight




    Your Height Weight is a comprehensive self monitoring application that allows you to record and monitor weight, height or body mass index over various time intervals.

    The software also allows markers to be set for various events such as periods of exercise, changes in diet, medication or other markers of your choice.

    All measurements are automatically evaluated against current recommended standards and abnormal results are flagged for your attention.

    All measurements can be viewed in graph or chart form, allowing easy recognition of trends or deviations from normal values.

    Markers used to identify changes in diet, lifestyle or other selected factors are clearly identified on the graphs and charts, allowing easy recognition of any effect of these changes on weight, height or BMI.

    One of the unique factors that sets this application apart is the ability to synchronise your recorded measurements with your online health record. This allows automatic uploading of all data to be safely stored with other health information in YourHealthRecord. This service is complimentary and provided free of charge.

    This application is ideal for anyone who wants to monitor the effects of changes to lifestyle, diet, exercise etc on weight or BMI. It is also useful for monitoring the effects of medication or flagging significant changes or abnormal values which may be indicators of underlying disease.

    Your Height & Weight was developed by one of Australia's leading private hospital companies with over 60 years combined experience in the provision of health care.

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