Action for Singapore Dogs




    Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) was established in December 2000 as a non-profit organization with the mission to improve the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore.

    With this app, you can view up-to-date information on all the dogs we have available for adoption and/or sponsorship. The Best Friend Finder helps you to find your perfect match!

    We choose to believe that each and every one of our rescued dogs deserve a second chance at life. Help to make a difference in their lives ... opt to adopt!

    In addition, we understand how traumatic it is to lose your dog, both for the dog and the owner. To minimize the probability of that happening and to ensure that dogs and owners can be reunited quickly should the unthinkable happen, there is a lost and found feature in the app where users can post information about dogs they lost or found immediately, and even post location information.

    Action for Singapore Dogs .... a Second Chance at Life.