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    Motivates you to get the chore done!

    BB Reward helps you set up tasks to be done and rewards to be gained. By completing a task you will achive a chosen amount of points. These points can then be spent on a wanted reward when you have enough. Make those boring chores and everyday jobs more fun and interesting to do! With BB Reward you can easier visualize your progress towards rewards and it creates an overview of the tasks that should be done at home, school or at work.

    The app was made with children in mind but can be used by anyone that need some extra motivation to get things done. Let your kids take a photo of the things they want as a reward and set a certain amount of points they need to get it. This way they can see how doing chores gets them closer to the things they want. So the more chores they can do the faster they will reach that reward. They will be begging for more things to do so they can get their score to increase faster!

    Goal: You can now create a goal to work towards. The user will move closer towards the goal when they complete tasks and gather points. Goals are independent of rewards and your progress toward a goal is not affected by spending points on rewards. Typically you would require a larger amount of points to achieve the goal, f.ex the amount of points you would normally gather over a week or month of completing tasks.


    * multiple users
    * custom user image
    * make your own icons for the tasks and reward from photos or images
    * tasks and rewards that you create can be accessed by all users on the same device
    * choose which tasks and rewards to be visible for each user
    * add a longer description to clarify any task or reward
    * keep track of when and what you have done with the logg function
    * create a larger goal to work towards