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    Birthday Countdown mobile app lets you count down to birthdays in style! Never miss a birthday again and have a blast celebrating!

    Have fun counting down with these customizable features:

    - FLEXIBLE countdown units - count down in any combo of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and even heartbeats! (eg. "2 months 20 mins" or "480 heartbeats")

    - FILTERS for background photos!

    - Import friends from FACEBOOK and CONTACTS with their birthdays and profile pics!

    - PHOTOS - choose from your own (your library, Instagram photos), your friends' Facebook albums, or a collection of FREE photos! Sort them in the order you like and flip through them while counting down!

    - CUSTOMIZED NAME - got a nickname for the birthday person? Type it in!

    - REMINDERS - set a time to be reminded of your loved ones' birthdays!

    - Your own SONG - attach a meaningful song to each Birthday Countdown!

    - DRAGGABLE Countdown display - position it wherever you want.

    - Customizable FONT TYPES, FONT COLORS, and BACKGROUND COLORS for the Countdown display.

    - Track BIRTHDAY or AGE.

    - SMART TOOLBAR - hidden until you tab on the screen so it’s not in your way.

    - Works in PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE modes.

    - SHARE your Countdown - share snapshots of the Countdown by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or email.

    - Earn daily REWARDS.

    === Upgrade to Premium and get these extra features ==

    + MULTIPLE COUNTDOWNS (and sort them in the order you like!).

    + FRAMES and all FILTERS for background photos!

    + BADGE COUNTDOWN - shows you how many days till the birthday without having to launch the app.

    + SLIDESHOW mode of the background photos with different animation styles and speeds.

    Have a blast with each birthday celebration! Make each second count!

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