Hair Catalog Short&Bob

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    □ Information □

    In order that "hair catalog Short&Bob" may display a hairstyle, 3G or the wifi environment is needed.

    It is downloadable from 5.0 or more ios.
    In next update, I am planning the variation of a style in the new-arrival style.

    □ About this application □

    The hair catalog which top hair salon RITZ top stylist Masahiko Sato who develops to Daikanyama and Shimokitazawa proposes -- it is an application.

    a theme -- the hairstyle proposal of a natural - Gurley's taste -- it carries out.

    A total of 56 styles of hairstyles is published by short-circuit and printing of a bob.

    A new-arrival style is updated and goes by periodical update.

    The hairstyle with which he is pleased is found, and I will order and will disguise myself as a foppish hairstyle in a hair salon!

    Since a front, a side, and the back could see the hairstyle by the slide and the point and the face type which matches well of a style are also published, it is also easy to order.

    On the theme of a foppish hair catalog, a new hairstyle is introduced to you and it goes!