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    Influence of life QuanGongLve feng shui

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    Feng shui why call "feng shui"? In fact the implications of feng shui is those who like the wind, be like the water as transparent, invisible, but to our life, can have great influence on the physiology of some things. This is "feng shui" are called feng shui literally meaning.

    Feng shui this two word in Chinese people deeply rooted in the heart of the early, most people want to use the feng shui to become rich, promotion rich fortune; So people are very admired feng shui. But feng shui is what things? , people see nor feel it, in the book are not a correct interpretation of, some say it is superstitious; And some people say that it is a "mysterious culture". ,

    History to define the feng shui is in the GuoPu jin dynasty (), he is in "was buried by" say: "was buried the, by angry. Gas and is also spread, water is the world together to stop the water is not scattered, have the wind, do no gas of a check, so that means feng shui"; In the history of natural research, "said:" feng shui is to find the place of auspicious building landscape evaluation system in China, he is the location of the layout of the ancient geography art "; And in the feng shui retraces "and think so:" feng shui is the core content of the people's living environment and treatment of choice a kind of learning ". Visible to feng shui people explain each have opinions, and in fact the meaning of feng shui is very practical, there is no need to make geomantic this two word explain so complicated. "The wind" is nature's wind, "water" is nature's water, in both the coexistence conditions, people look for the survival of the natural environment beneficial to its own reasonable layout, make the person's life can the good crop weather, this is feng shui. ,

    In ancient culture, feng shui is known as the "kanyu," Campbell is the meaning of exploration, a true Renaissance days, and for, the wind in the sky, the water on the earth, and among human settlement, the wind and water are the product of nature, people use the product of nature, set conditions at an organic whole, and this produces the feng shui.

    Therefore, feng shui is a collection of heaven, earth and man as one of the comprehensive nature of science, in nature as the foundation, through the Yin and Yang of the law of the five elements, adjust the balance of human ecological environment, be helpful for human survival and the development of an intangible science.